Mr. Late Shri Krishna Kumar Bhargava

Late Shri Krishna Kumar Bhargava started the company in 1990 and was known as king of Ammonia Having strong good will and through his hard work and perseverance got his company on high position. his values & legacy will be remembered forever.


Mrs. Sunita Bhargava

Sunita Bhargava had always been a back bone and supported her husband Late Shri Krishna Kumar Bhargava in taking all important decisions regarding functioning of company. in absence of Mr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava, she has got the responsibility of being the Managing Directors of the company.

Mr. Rohit Bhargava

Under guidance of Late Shri Krishna Kumar Bhargava for last 20years both have been carrying on this Business with expertise strong customers support, maintaining goodwill in market and trying to improvise each day through hard work and Carrying on the legacy of being a leading name in trading of ammonia,

Mrs. Garima Bhargava

Garima Bhargava :- Born and raised in Delhi, having pursued her passion of interior designing from IIFT along with a commerce degree from Delhi University, She’s now one of the directors of HACPL. Both her parents, being lawyers and excelling in their respective fields have had an immense impact on her life.

After marrying Mr. Rohit Bhargava, 20 years ago, she joined the family business i.e., Hyderabad Ammonia and Chemicals Private Limited.

Learning the nuances of business and gaining experience over the years, She is managing the company on her own through hardwork, good customer rapport and perseverance.